Asleep with Songs of Longing

by Bois

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Nick Green
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Nick Green Once again thankyou to Tom Johnson at gold flake paint- a truly great album Favorite track: Those Eyes.
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released May 13, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Brian Bo

Jake Tobin played saxophone on beauty and leo sun
Mitchell Myers played acoustic guitar on instrumental, vibraphone on whatever, and drums on high lows

photograph by Valerie Arenas

all songs mastered by Warren Hildebrand



all rights reserved


Bois Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Beauty
what to do without mine
what to do without my beauty

beauty in my robe
against a covered wall
painting your teeth black
ohh my pinecone-resined beauty
with your lampblack grin

where have you been
not in my dreams
but a cool dark place, air tight
or on a bed, an open flame
ohh my charred and resined beauty
with your lampblack grin
Track Name: Comfort, Comfort
comfort, comfort
your sad days are gone
comfort, comfort
lets clear the way

level the mountains
fill the valleys
lets make a highway
through the wasteland
shout, shout

comfort, comfort
your sad days are near
comfort, comfort
your sad days are here

beauty fades quickly
as flowers in a field
the grass just withers away
as do flowers fade
Track Name: Silverbell
white braids stretch the sky
an orange stripe to hold me down
i'm beginning to vocalize
my fears, my dreams
all piled up on Silverbell

pile me up across shades of blue
fine lines and fire fly right on through

down silverbell
let's make our own way
let's build our own road
Track Name: Whatever
do whatever it takes
plus a little more

I'm all messed up
my heart is a rock
my mind is concrete
and i'm just learning to tal(k)
I'm still learning
Track Name: False Loves
to hell with my love
my love ain't so bright
inside the sounds grow
without my mind slows
to hell with my love
my love ain't so bright
fever dreams & blind drives
silent nights reflecting old lives
to hell with my heart
my heart ain't so bright
Track Name: Sun
by day I know I am yours
always have been
when night comes I am alone
always will be
wild & alone
only the sun brings the feeling of love
ohh so sun please come soon
Track Name: Those Eyes
their stares are few and far between
your stares see right though me
I can't keep contact
all the words on all the pages
a buffet for your mind
in other words
we're all blank pages
won't you write me a line
I can't find the meaning
why don't you go outside
but I can't find the meaning
why don't you hold my hand through it all
I'll hold your hand through it all
Track Name: In Longing
I've walked the trail from church to elsewhere
rich soil through my veins
I can't believe I walked right back there
some deep shade is what I need
in longing (live)
in longing (give)
in longing (love)
you pulled me down below the surface
asked I share my thoughts with you
you held me down beneath the surface
and now my heart belongs to you
in longing (live)
in longing (give)
in longing (love)